single tube trial

single tube trial


if you've never tried nuun or had a single serve and are curious about what a whole tube could do for you then this has your name all over it. try a single tube in any of our flavours.

  • 12 tablets in a single tube with each tab making 500ml
  • optimal salt balance prevents cramping and maximises hydration
  • no sugar and a light taste means it's easier (and nicer) to drink
  • used by the very best athletes on the planet


  • want that extra little kick? - caffeinated flavours (40mg): kona-cola and our new cherry limeade


LEMON AND LIME TASTERS NOTES: "savour its sunny yellow/light gold colours with subdued citrus, lemon & lime nose. quenching with a smooth, almost divine, flowing texture. complete with an abundance of electrolytes, the 2013 vintage builds on the great '09'. excellent!"

STRAWBERRY LEMONADE TASTERS NOTES: "when life hands us strawberries, we make…strawberry lemonade!  there is a simple luxury to strawberries that we love and when we paired them with lemonade, we found the perfect balance of succulent and spirited. not too tart, not too sweet, a subtle, refreshing version of an old favourite, ensured to make you drink up…and kiss dehydration goodbye" 

TRI BERRY TASTERS NOTES: "enjoy a balance between fruitiness and lightning-fast absorption. with its soft red/pink colour, sweet nose, multilayered berry fruit and cherry flavour, tri-berry is the ideal choice for all of your distances"

ORANGE TASTERS NOTES: "with primary notes of ripe oranges and lingering hints of ginger and clove, orange is medium-bodied and a smooth pull from the water bottle. easy on the stomach, this is truly a one-of-a-kind treat, perfect for all your adventures"

CITRUS FRUIT TASTERS NOTES: "tantalising light orange/tawny gold hues that fade to yellow. this has a vibrantly showy, tropical nose and a very refreshing mouth-feel, but still retains that 'lead from the front' performance. balanced citrus front with a ripe, mouthwatering, peachy finish. think hawaii with a soft breeze and a sense of accomplishment after a long race"

KONA COLA TASTERS NOTES: "remarkably quenching yet 'deceptively complex' is how a member of the montrail ultra-running team described this flavour. elements of cinnamon, vanilla, clove and a gentle hint of ginger join an underlying cola theme to complete a flavour profile that is simply stunning. try at altitude on a tough trail or climb, or as a general hydrating pick-me-up"

TROPICAL TASTERS NOTES: "blending mango, pineapple, and coconut flavours into a taste that is best enjoyed in a hammock on a sandy beach, this complex blend highlights each flavour in gentle, lapping waves that will take your taste buds on a refreshing trip and leave you in a sunny mood while you're out on the go"

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